Behind the Curtain of Night


Is it the same?

We got a lot of queries about Behind the Curtain of Night. Will it be the same? The second question is why did this happen?

Behind the Curtain of Night, it rewrites exactly according to the final cut of August 2016. At that time, producer Milan Friedrich has stopped working for two months. The instructions for the pointless placement of some of the project's components have really done a lot of damage. Everything was done in the right places without the producer's intervention. The story began to hold the main character, not the star cast. Everything started to work, which we tested on a test audience. The most serious misconduct of the production was solved, that producer Milan Friedrich did not let the film finish. He captured the unfinished film incomprehensibly into post-production. He personally began to drive the production in an absolutely unprofessional manner. This would not even make a movie amateur.

In August and September 2016, Milan Friedrich received several business deals to make no more damage to the processed substance. He responded to them by declaring that overhead was depriving copyright. This made it clear what his real intention was. He wanted to seize the work in any way. And so all communications ceased.

Last spring 2017, director Dalibor Stach was surprisingly contacted by Mr. Peter Vachler. He was trying to get the director to legislate on the strange version of the producer. We have put 10 points to act on. The producer did not meet one point and stopped communicating again.

In the autumn of 2017, we tried to bring Milan Friedrich and Jan Egüid to communication and the negotiating table. This was systematically refused by Milan Friedrich and together with him Jan Egüyd, who as the executive producer bears full responsibility for the course of absolutely disastrous production.

Producer Milan Friedrich did not communicate and continued the pseudo-development of the movie Behind the Curtain of Night. Eventually he got a great idea. He renamed the film The Secret of Karma and  proclaimed himself as a scriptwriter and director. On IMDb he even copied the interesting budget of the film Behind the Curtain of Night. $ 8 million is purely false. How he wants to tell the world about the story of the rules of karma is really not clear to us.

When on YOUTUBE appeared  the version Behind the Curtain of Night, called The Secret of Karma, we reported copyright infringement. Because the producer did not make a contract with the director with director Dalibor Stach, who plays himself in the film and was in the trailer, we also reported violation of the rights to the personality protection. We have revealed the real Secret of Karma. YOUTUBE has immediately deleted the trailer.

Milan Friedrich has been repeatedly called upon to straighten out the situation he has caused by his actions. He does not communicate. We have therefore chosen a faster and more understandable way. We get the film to the viewer when we just rewind it all after the cut in fifteen days.


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